Frequently asked questions about AI analyst.

AI analyst’s Artificial Intelligence

What is the function and service of AI analyst?

AI analyst’s performs website analytics providing highly useful and informative suggestion for site improvement and development. Through connecting to Google Analytics, AI analyst analyzes website data and offers simplified suggestions based on results of analysis. AI analyst examines trends of a large numbers of websites enabling AI analyst to evolve on a daily basis and provide accurate solution for challenges websites are experiencing.

What kind of analysis does AI analyst specifically do?

By reviewing web analytics site data, AI analyst is identifies specific areas that are effecting site target figures (conversion rates). AI analyst reviews all website data from entry page to page referrals clearly indicating condition and reason for increase and decrease of conversion rate.

Process to begin using AI analyst

Are there any websites that are unable to use AI analyst?

Sites that have not implemented Google Analytics. AI analyst performs web analytics based on data from Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a website requirement of AI analyst.

What do I need to do first to start using the service?

First, Sign Up "Free".

Next, click the green "Sign Up Free" button and fill in the required fields. After completing the registration process for the site, you will be able to use AI analyst "free" plan.

What steps are there between registration and implementation?

AI analyst will begin once you have linked Google Analytics and set up your goals.

No special setup tags or system requirements are needed.

Follow the guided website registration process and link to Google Analytics to access the service.

Establishing site goals are necessary, but these can be completed later if you are unsure of your site goals.

Site analysis will begin, if goals are not established.

If I wish to unsubscribe from AI analyst what will happen to my registration information?

Subject to Private Policy, all information will be deleted.


Is it possible to access all of AI analyst features on the "free" plan?

Not all features are included in the "free" service. The "free" plan provides an overview of suggestions that the AI is making including "Professional Advice" and "Suggestion List".

To receive detailed, fundamental data and complete AI analyst and consultant advice the Premium plan is required.

Premium Plan sign up, please contact AI analyst center.

How much is the Premium Plan?

Depending on the size of the site, we will quote each time.

For sign up of the Premium Plan, please contact AI analyst centerwhere one of our representatives will be glad to help you. Review of AI analyst Premium Plan Service video is available for viewing.

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