Toikatu Dojo MMA. Customer Success Story

After introduction of AI analyst to the website operated by the company, the number of inquiries increased about 2.5 times.

Toikatu Dojo MMA. AI analyst Customer Success Story
Toikatu Dojo MMA.

"Increase number of inquiries about 1.2 times."

Could you provide information on Toikatu Dojo MMA.?

We are engaged in the fighting sports which the Japanese become strongly healthy, and we operate the fitness facility with the martial arts dojo as the main mission to make members, instructors, employees, families and the whole of Japan happy. Currently we have 20 stores throughout the country.

What kind of work and what kind of work do the Web management team do?

We are doing business related to website management from web site management to blog writing and SNS updating by one person. Currently we are leaving the website production to an external production company only. The business not only manages the website but also concurrently functions as general affairs, public relations, clerical work, and the time to divide the website is limited.

If there is something like a confronted KPI, please tell me.

The number we are tracking is the number of conversions for membership application and free trial application from website. Currently, more than 90% of application for membership comes from the website, Web site is indispensable for us.

What were the issues before introducing AI analyst?

The problem was that it took too long to improve the website.

Because there is no expert knowledge, is it better to investigate the competition or imitate the competition? We were troubled with correct remedial measures, etc., and it took time to cost significantly to improve.

What made you become acquainted with AI analyst?

When I went to a business seminar, I was concerned that the seminar lecturer was talking about AI analyst, I applied for searching and applying.

What were you expecting at the time of introduction?

Sometimes I use artificial intelligence services for the first time, I was not honestly expecting much ...
I was hoping for suggestions for improvement that artificial intelligence would give, if it says strongly.

I am surprised by the amazing artificial intelligence now.

Do you actually use it and have the effect realized?

I was able to drastically reduce the time-consuming costs that have been used up to now.
And at the same time in two months the number of conversions rose 1.2 times.

The proposal of AI analyst gives the leads up to CV in numerical figures in an easy-to-understand manner, so we have a sense of satisfaction and can trust. In addition, we have great help from consultants. At the meeting, we answer our questions in an easy-to-understand way, so I am very saved. Because the meeting materials are also very easy to understand, it is easier to collaborate with external production companies, which leads to time savings.

What was the actual improvement you made?

A link to the "charge system" page was set up in the menu of the smartphone site.

Example of improvement

Have you achieved any results?

In 2 months from introduction, the number of conversions has increased by 1.2 times, and at the same time, the efficiency of our work has been fulfilled.
We implemented measures in August and began to realize results already in September.

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