Share Style Co., Ltd. Customer Success Story

After introduction of AI analyst to the website operated by the company, the number of inquiries increased about 2.5 times.

Share Style Co., Ltd. AI analyst Customer Success Story
Share Style Co., Ltd.

"Increase number of inquiries about 2.5 times."

Could you provide information on Share Style Co., Ltd.?

It is a real estate company that is going from development to operation of share house for the purpose of exchanging tenants.
It operates a share house of 31 buildings mainly in Tokyo and 450 rooms in the number of rooms.

What kind of work and what kind of work do the Web management team do?

We are doing it from access analysis to implementation of improvement by one person.
In addition to web marketing, the work also concurrently serves as a planner work, and we are creating production description and business plans for sharehouses for real estate investors.
Because it concurrently holds work, the time to divide Web marketing is about 30% real.

If there is something like a confronted KPI, please tell me.

I am following the number of inquiries from the website.

What were the issues before introducing AI analyst?

I wanted to increase the number of inquiries from the website.
While the number of real estate under management is increasing, the growth rate of inquiries from the website is bad and I felt a sense of crisis that I had to raise it by at least 30% per year.

What made you become acquainted with AI analyst?

I learned when I was looking for tools that would increase the number of inquiries and SEO tools.
The direct motivation is to see the word-of-mouth website.

What were you expecting at the time of introduction?

Because we propose improvement measures with grounds, I thought that CV would be raised based on that.
When I tried it with free trial, I got the impression that the management screen is intuitive and easy to see and understandable to me.

Do you actually use it and have the effect realized?

When I manage it by one person, I often get lost as to whether "Improvement measures are right", but in the case of "AI analyst" it will no longer get lost because it teaches proposals with data grounds at pinpoint It was.
It is very helpful to advertise, to tell specific keywords as well. Furthermore, since we can verify the effect after improvement properly, it is easy to understand how the result was and I am very satisfied.

What was the actual improvement you made?

We set up a lead to the inquiry form on the property detail page of the smartphone site.

Example of improvement

Have you achieved any results?

It became 2.5 times as much as the monthly target of 1.2 times CV.

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