Net PILOTING Inc. Customer Success Story

As a result of proposing improvement proposals of AI analyst to several companies, the average CVR is more than doubled.


"Average CVR increased more than twice."

Could you give me some information about Net PILOTING Inc.?

Our company is a company which has been walking with manufacturers and retailers mainly in the health & beauty industry. It is a company developing these three items, "Product Information Management Business", "Store Staff Education Business" and "Store Management Solution Business" covering 500,000 SKU.

As a derivative work from our company, we are planning and producing site building and product promotion tools for the purpose of solving customer's problem.

What kind of work are you doing?

I am supporting the overall business digital marketing. It is mainly marketing activity for lead acquisition.
In addition, we are helping customers' sales promotion activities centering on the Web.
For our customers, since the website is in a very important position in terms of management strategy, we firmly grasp its purpose and make essential improvement proposals.

For your company consulting to multiple companies, what was the issue before using AI analyst?

There were two major issues.

The first one is productivity improvement. Since we have a lot of work, we are nominated to answer all the projects with full power. Meanwhile, we had to promote our business while maintaining high precision for the whole company, so we had to continue them.

The second is pursuit of customer satisfaction. Understand all the issues for KPI, make the best at the shortest without making a mistake in their priority. It is very simple, but I believe it is very difficult.

What made you become acquainted with AI analyst?

I think that the keyword "AI" was still in fashion.
While wishing to manage the assignment, there is a memory that I looked at the letters of "AI analyst" in Facebook advertisement and asked with a feeling of possibility.

What were you expecting at the time of introduction?

I was hoping for the results themselves. In the limited time I expected to be able to provide "these goals can be aimed at the shortest", "can cover the tasks" and "highly accurate improvement proposal"

Consulting with multiple companies From your point of view, how do you feel the effect of AI analyst?

First of all, from the viewpoint of productivity, we were able to spend a lot of time to suggest customers' future for that by cutting about 80% of man-hours until finishing the analysis report.
In addition, since it can reduce the risk of subordinate to the limit, we realize that we can produce results at the shortest possible time.

How do you feel the effect of AI analyst to your customers?

Some of our customers have nearly doubled the average CVR of the whole page.
As long as the objective is written, in most cases, we can get results for each person, so we are satisfied with our customers.
We can also receive concrete screen proposals in the improvement report, so it is well received by our customers.

Please tell us what you are expecting from AI analyst in the future.

Although I am very satisfied with the current situation, I am glad that it will become possible to manage advertisement operations, etc. which can not be separated even if it is cut off in Web marketing work.

One last word please.

We think that there was no reliable service in raising CVR.
Even though there is a balance with budget, it is natural to raise CVR, We believe that the ability to use such services will become the standard of our consultants.
We think that it is highly compatible with AI analyst that can achieve results reliably and companies that have strengths in the planning side like us. We will continue to patronize with customers with confidence in the future.

Additional customer success stories

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feedforce Inc.

The time spent to analyze their website was drastically reduced after introducing AI analyst on the website for the social login service "Social plus".

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GoalGetting objective opinions on methods for improving their website in ways that are different from current ones.

Ascom Co.,Ltd.

Ascom Co.,Ltd.

As a result of implementing remedial measures of AI analyst on the websiteoperated by the company, job application applications are about 1.5 times.

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Exseli Co., Ltd.

Exseli Co., Ltd.

After using AI analyst’s service the number of our websiteinquiries increased by 133% over the previous quarter result.

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GoalIncreasing number of inquiries.

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