feedforce Inc. Customer Success Story

Time spent to analyze the website was drastically reduced after using AI analyst for the social login website service "Social plus".

feedforce Inc.

"The time spent to analyze our website was drastically reduced."

Could you provide information about feedforce Inc.?

We offer "social plus" which enables people to use social login services without developing the system by themselves. This assists companies with digital marketing.

What do you think is the role of your website?

Our website is a very important tool for our marketing strategy.

After inquiries about the service through the website, our rate of business appointments and orders increased substantially. We feel It is important to utilize the website concerning marketing strategy.

Why did you decide to use AI analyst?

We decided to use AI analyst because not only does it analyze and give advice on enhancement of our site automatically, but AI analyst also provides human consultant support.

Could you explain the changes after the introduction of AI analyst?

Before using AI analyst, I had to review and analyze changes in Google Analytics data by myself. However, after using AI analyst. I can now rely on AI analyst for data analysis and receive much needed advice for website enhancement.

I think the biggest factor is that we can now focus on the actual improvements needed for the website because we can reduce time needed for analysis.

What is your impression of using AI analyst?

It is excellent! I can easily receive website suggestion and solutions and take action quickly. AI analyst information pages are both simple and easy to read and follow. AI analyst provides us with needed professional website advice.

What is your impression of AI analyst’s human consultant support?

When AI analyst human consultant provides us with advice, the human consultant sends us actual detailed images of the website. I can then give this information directly to our production team. It is very informative and useful because we can make necessary and instant changes needed for the website.

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