Exseli Co., Ltd. Customer Success Story

Following AI analyst’s advice, significant improvements were made to our website resulting in an increase of 133% inquiries over the previous quarter.

Exseli Co., Ltd.

"Our number of our website inquires increased by 133% over the previous term."

Could you please tell us about Exsell Co. Ltd & the service that it provides?

Exsell Co., Ltd. provides rental, sales and secondhand sales service for wireless transceivers and intercoms. The Exsell website introduces wireless transceiver and intercom function, performance and usage.

What website challenges did you face before using AI analyst?

Concerning number of inquiries and and spending cost relating to the PDCA cycle. Data was difficult to analyze and we were unable to follow the PDCA cycle for each website page.

What is the function of your website.

We believe the function of our website is very important to our business. Through our website we are able to receive additional inquiries in addition to sales team leads and inquiries. Results have been very positive as productivity has developed 1.5 times over that of competing companies.

What is your over-all impression AI analyst?

We have been very impressed with AI analyst. By using AI analyst report function known as "Assessment", we are able to greatly increase awareness of detailed numerical values.

What were the main changes that you experienced after using AI analyst?

The main factor was that our total number of inquiries increased by 133% over previous quarter results.

Is AI analyst cost effective?

It is very cost effective!

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