Dot-com Business Inc. Customer Success Story

The number of inquiries on the matching site "Chinese dot com" aiming for language education is multiplied by 1.1.

Dot-com Business Inc. AI analyst Customer Success Story
Dot-com Business Inc.

"Approximately 1.1 times increase in applications."

Could you provide information on Dot-com Business Inc.?

Our company is mainly offering one to one man education business of language. Through language studies, we operate the business with the keyword "to touch multinational culture and enjoy communication."

We started from Korean at first, and now We're developing Chinese, English, French and Spanish.
Specifically, we offer a service that allows you to easily match on a website with instructors who want to teach languages ​​and general users who want to learn languages.

What kind of work and what kind of work do the Web management team do?

Web site operation, production, marketing and so on are all done by me alone.

Besides that, it is my job to look at the finance of the company and think about the mechanism. While it is necessary to face the other task of improving the Web site roleally, I feel that it is quite a hard work to follow up Web data and to catch up new marketing technologies.

If there is something like a confronted KPI, please tell me.

KPI is tracking the number of CVs for applications for free trial lessons.
Applications from the website are all very important indicators.

What were the issues before introducing AI analyst?

I was suffering from the fact that the number of applications for free trial lessons did not grow much.
I was pursuing the data of Google Analytics, but there was a sense of challenge that I could not make use of it.

What made you become acquainted with AI analyst?

I saw Facebook advertisement of AI analyst as a trigger.

What were you expecting at the time of introduction?

I was hoping for parts that could make improvements taking advantage of Google Analytics data.

When I was facing the improvement of the Web site by myself, since it was getting over inevitable, I was also expecting improvement measures from an objective viewpoint.

Do you actually use it and have the effect realized?

After introducing the AI ​​analyst, the number of CV became 1.1 times.

As advertising costs also declined in unit price, I realized that there was an effect although it was slow.
Also, we are very saved because improvement suggestions from an objective viewpoint become our knowledge.

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