CIP Inc. Customer Success Story

After introducing the AI analyst, website managed by its own company realized great improvement in improvement flow.

CIP Inc.

"Improve efficiency of website improvement flow."

Could you provide information on CIP Inc.?

Our company is a consulting company of condominium management association.
Three types of consulting services are offered so that you can realize what you said, "High quality condominium management at reasonable price", "Large scale repair work at the optimum time", "Management that can not be left to the management company" It offers.

What is the position of your website on the management strategy?

Since inquiries from the website are about 80% of the total, it can be said that it is our life line.
Furthermore, since I'd like to increase the number of inquiries via website, I would like to connect to CV there.

What were the issues before introducing AI analyst?

There was a person who was watching Google Analytics once, but it was truly incomparable, I had a desire to leave it to a professional and to use data properly.

What is your impression of using AI analyst?

I was wondering if the story of the numerical value to connect to CV will be the main, but it seems to be able to receive not only the proposal by the letter but also the screen plan, so it is easy for a concrete image to be attached easily It is.

How do you feel the effect of AI analyst?

I think that it is very reasonable to be able to tell the improvement points by pinpoint.
I am extremely happy because they have suggested places that we are not easily noticed.

Additional customer success stories

feedforce Inc.

feedforce Inc.

The time spent to analyze their website was drastically reduced after introducing AI analyst on the website for the social login service "Social plus".

IndustryIT service

GoalGetting objective opinions on methods for improving their website in ways that are different from current ones.

Ascom Co.,Ltd.

Ascom Co.,Ltd.

As a result of implementing remedial measures of AI analyst on the websiteoperated by the company, job application applications are about 1.5 times.

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Exseli Co., Ltd.

Exseli Co., Ltd.

After using AI analyst’s service the number of our websiteinquiries increased by 133% over the previous quarter result.

IndustryWireless transceiver and intercom rental service.

GoalIncreasing number of inquiries.

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