Ascom Co.,Ltd. Customer Success Story

After introduction of AI analyst to the website operated by the company, the number of inquiries increased about 2.5 times.

Ascom Co.,Ltd. AI analyst Customer Success Story
Ascom Co.,Ltd.

"Approximately 1.5 times the number of applicants."

Could you provide information on Ascom Co.,Ltd.?

Through our website and free papers, we are offering job information for users searching for jobs.

How important is web marketing in your business?

Web marketing is important because of the nature of the business that manages web recruiting sites.

In the three prefectures of Hokuriku there is also a free paper form of recruitment management, but all other things are shifting to the Web, so I think that it is said that as a company we are focusing on the Web at almost 100%.

How many people are managed Web marketing right now?

There are 5 teams in total. I am the responsible person, one marketer and three designers.

The three areas of the designer are different from each other.

What made you become acquainted with AI analyst?

The direct motivation is to see articles or advertisements on the Website

About 2 years ago I introduced AI analyst, but at that time, the team was still my own. (Note: The interview was May, 2017) I thought that I would like to analyze, design and improve again from the actual data at the timing of the renewal of the site just ended, but I am not myself until marketing and sales training I knew I was in trouble because I could not go hand-in-hand because I was inconspicuous, and I got interested.

What were you expecting at the time of introduction?

Direct KPI thought that if it could improve it by job application and CPA.

When I talk a little more qualitatively, I was hoping for a sense of crisis that changing my design with intuition by myself is only a matter of self-satisfaction and presenting improvement suggestions based on data.

Do you actually use it and have the effect realized?


I will tell you the points of improvement firmly, so it is the greatest that I can concentrate on designing and concentrating on that focus. Since the number of teams is not so large, I always think about how I can double and triple the power of the team, personal power, not 120%.

What was the actual improvement you made?

I changed the position of the application button on the job details page of the smartphone site.

As a company we thought that we wanted to achieve results by changing the placement based on such figures rather than images or brands so it was just a perfect proposal.

Have you achieved any results?

The CVR has increased about 1.5 times. As a result, I am very happy that CPA has greatly improved.

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